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Dallas, TX.
Two National Champions!!
All Girls Nationals Under-12 Champion Lilia Poteat (right)
and All Girls Nationals Under-10 Co-Champion Kalli Feinberg (left) relax after the Kasparov Chess Foundation's 6th annual event.

Achieving chess mastery,
for any subject, any time.

Chess is a wonderful game. It is part sport, science, art, and involves a careful blend of psychology and logic. Chess mastery requires objectivity, will power and systematically acquired and applied knowledge. The benefits of attaining any level of mastery in chess will assist in reaping rewards in any activity, mental or physical.

Chess enhances the organization of thoughts through the constant exercise of scientific (testing hypothetical ideas) and artistic (using intuition) methods. It demands mental determination and concentration, sharpening our competitive nature (desire for self-improvement). Not unlike debate, chess requires an exchange of ideas and concepts where correctness is established with results. Communication skills are more valuable today than they have ever been and irrational thinking is often punished in chess. Many who believe chess is a model of war or learning the skills of war perhaps might be better off living in the era of Alexander the Great, with chess certainly in its infancy.